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Join us in welcoming our two newest members!

Join our chapter president, Jackiedra Wilson, as she interviews local communicators for their advice on how to meet goals in an increasingly complex world with more channels and more competition for attention than ever before.

Learn how our chapter will have new, different and fun ways to engage this year.

Mark your calendar today for the 2020 IABC Heritage Region Communication Conference in Boston!

World Conference Branding

The 2020 IABC World Conference will explore the newest challenges and opportunities facing the communication profession.

The North American Communication Monitor: Measuring Strategic Issues, Leadership Performance, and Work Stress Among Business Communicators

Mark your calendar to make a difference through a Gift of Communication on Friday, December 6, from 1 pm to 4 pm, hosted by IABC Greater Cincinnati held at the United Way of Greater Cincinnati Fifth Third Convening Center, 2400 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

DePaul Cristo Rey Cincinnati Website

Ahead of the March 2019 Challenge Accepted event, I’m sure many IABC and community members knew little or nothing about DePaul Cristo Rey High School...

Silver Quill Award

Jackiedra Wilson, Pat Frey and Joe Bobbey accepted a 2019 IABC Heritage Silver Quill of Merit for IABC Greater Cincinnati chapter’s 40th Anniversary Celebration...

IABC Greater Cincinnati Board Members

The IABC | Greater Cincinnati chapter board welcomed a new president and new board members over the summer, and also began working on exciting plans for expanding and energizing our local presence.

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