View the recorded event and resources from our November 2020 event.

Join us November 17 at 1 pm as Jim Lukaszewski shares The Decency Code.

Flags of countries with Hispanic heritage

In recognition of the profound influence and remarkable contributions Hispanic and Latinx people have made to all aspects of our civic and social life, the United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15-October 15.

Join us October 20 to discuss the importance of culturally competent and equitably relevant COVID-19 information

In July 2020, Jackiedra got the opportunity to interview Teresa Zumwald, CEO, speechwriter and storyteller of Zumwald and Company. Teresa brings a different perspective to our goal of highlighting long-standing brands having owned her own business for 30+ years. Teresa shares the story of how she started her business, why innovation is important for business and why communicators should seize this moment to spark new ideas for their companies/organizations or even venture out on their own.

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Relevant in a Complex World - Episode 2

The Game Changers event was a hit! We captured some quick tips and words of wisdom from all our speakers in this recap video.

IABC Greater Cincinnati member Regina Carswell Russo, CEO/Principal Strategist at RRight Now Communications, will lead the Regional COVID Communications Center (RC3).

Immediate past president of the Greater Cincinnati chapter of IABC will serve on an international committee for the 2021 World Conference.

Findings from the Pew Research Center, Harris Polls, and American Psychiatric Association all report that since the start of the COVID pandemic, levels of stress in Americans have been spiking. Across the country, mindfulness meditation is attracting new interest as people seek healthy ways to manage the myriad stresses roiling national and personal affairs.

Join our chapter president, Jackiedra Wilson, as she interviews local communicators for their advice on how to meet goals in an increasingly complex world with more channels and more competition for attention than ever before.

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