What's your story, morning glory?

Photo of purple morning glories, with words at the top: What's your story, morning glory?

Posted Feb 27, 2023

We're kinda over Chatgpt.

But we asked Chatgpt, "What's your story, morning glory" anyway. This is what we heard: 

As an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences or a personal story to share like humans do. However, I can tell you a bit about my creation and development.

I was created by OpenAI, a research organization that focuses on advancing artificial intelligence in a safe and beneficial way. My development started with being trained on a large corpus of text data, which allowed me to learn patterns and relationships in language.

Over time, my training data was refined and improved, and my capabilities grew more sophisticated. I can now perform a wide variety of language tasks, such as answering questions, generating text, translating languages, and more.

My purpose is to be a useful tool for people, providing assistance and insights to help them with their work or personal lives. I'm constantly learning and evolving, and I hope to continue improving to better serve the needs of my users.

A few things: 

  1. Not a bad answer. Not a totally awesome one, either. 
  2. Didn't mention that the legendary Ella Fitzgerald sings a superb version of this song
  3. Didn't mention the Wikipedia entry either
  4. Not really customized for IABC members, now is it? 

But what we really want to know is if you've had any Chatgpt experiences, reflections, thoughts, insights that you can share with other IABC members.

Let us know! We'd love for all IABC members to learn from each other. We'd be delighted to publish your article (or paragraphs).  

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