Membership Drive

blue background with circle, a headshot of a middle-aged white woman, the quote, "I got my current job through IABC. - Kari E. McLean."

Posted Mar 07, 2023

Put a ring on it. 

March 6-12 celebrates the Power of Engagement. 

IABC supports and empowers communication professionals to highlight their worth by providing the connections, tools and resources they need to succeed and grow.

Big I, as our chapter leader Jackiedra Wilson likes to call it, will be offering weekly incentives to encourage professional growth and connection throughout this March campaign.

These benefits apply to new and/or renewing members. 

This week, March 6 - 12 added value includes:

Personal Testimonial

Strange, seeing my headshot appear in a global campaign. But I believe in the magic and power of IABC to engage and connect.

I'd grown up in Oxford, Ohio. After college, I moved to Chicago for a life in theater. After some time, I moved into a career in communications. It was then I became a member of IABC. 

In May 2018, I moved back to be close to my mom after my Dad died. It was a no-brainer that I'd continue on with IABC. I transferred my membership to the Greater Cincinnati Chapter. I've been lucky enough to serve on the board with Cincinnati's inspiring, smart, kind, and oh-so-cool members. 

In 2019, the Heritage Region granted me a scholarship to attend the IABC World Conference in Vancouver. There, I attended a master class in digital signage. One of the presenters was Ethan McCarty, who had recently founded an employee engagement firm headquartered in New York. 

After the conference, he engaged me to do some freelance work for him. Over the next few years, he continued bringing me in remotely from Oxford, Ohio to assist with client work. One day, in 2021, he offered me a full-time job. I accepted it. And here I am! A 5-minute walk from my mom and working remotely. 

I encourage you to share the power of IABC with your colleagues and comms friends. Take time this March to renew your membership or become a member!