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Findings from the Pew Research Center, Harris Polls, and American Psychiatric Association all report that since the start of the COVID pandemic, levels of stress in Americans have been spiking. Across the country, mindfulness meditation is attracting new interest as people seek healthy ways to manage the myriad stresses roiling national and personal affairs.

Business owners, C-suite executives and marketing directors alike are all wondering the same thing: should you adjust your marketing strategy? What do consumers want to hear? How often? Rasor partnered with experts at NuVoodoo to ask 1,000 consumers these questions and more.

man at top of mountain

Board member Jeremiah McWilliams shares his insights from IABC Leadership Institute.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, gifts are worth their weight in gold.

Unorganized Notes

January is Get Organized Month, and although the month is almost over, it’s not too late to go Marie Kondo on your communications. Some of our chapter members and partners offer up their top tips for keeping organized and on-task.

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