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Posted Sep 12, 2023

IABC Greater Cincinnati represents at 

The International level

IABC's international committees and task forces are a critical component of our governance structure, developing programs, representing members in decision-making and furthering the goals of the board and the association at large. Serving on an IABC international committee is also a wonderful opportunity to gain leadership experience, refine skills and work hands-on with leaders around the world.

Council of Regions
The Regions are designed specifically to safeguard the link between Chapters and the IABC Executive Board. Our Past President, Jackiedra Wilson, SCMP, represents the Heritage Region as its Chair. 

Programmatic Committees

Professional Development Committee
Our Treasurer, Joe Bobbey, serves on the the Professional Development  Committee, which oversees IABC’s professional development platforms and sets strategy with regard to IABC’s educational offerings to members and non-members. 

Program Advisory Committee
Our Past President, Teresa Zumwald, is Chair of the 2024 Program Advisory Committee (PAC). In her extensive role, she works collaboratively with staff to ensure that IABC World Conference is a high-value professional development experience aligned to the needs of the global profession. Our Vice President, Communications & PR, Kari E. McLean, is serving as an evaluator on the PAC. This year is of special delight given that her first IABC home was in Chicago. She's looking forward to getting Cincinnati members a special role. 

Save the Date! The 2024 World Conference will be held in Chicago, IL from June 23-26.

At the Heritage Region level

Learn more about the Heritage Region.

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