2023 President's Message

President's Message: We’re continuing our focus this year on three pillars: advocacy, community support and career advancement.  - Connie Feick, President. IABC Greater Cincinnati

Posted Oct 02, 2023

Dear IABC members & other participants:

Like always, the summer just blew by this year, and we’re now here at the start of a new IABC program year. The board spent a lot time working behind-the-scenes last year to support improvements to the structure and governance of our organization. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to focus IABC’s mission here in our Tristate area.

Read on for more information about the local board and its priorities, what to expect in the coming 12 months and updates to IABC at the international level.

International updates

Over the past 18 months or so, IABC has focused on shoring up internal processes and modernizing the organization. Last year a task force recommended consolidation of some of IABC’s regions. While Greater Cincinnati was not directly affected by the change, the board voted in favor it. A new task force is now being formed to implement some of the other recommendations, all with the goal of creating a more sustainable association built on today’s standards for non-profit groups.

At our local level

Our chapter is moving to a centralized financial model through the international entity. Again, you won’t see any changes. Know that our Vice President of Finance Joe Bobbey has been tireless in his efforts to ensure we’re set up for success financially.


I’m thrilled to welcome several new board members this year.

What else to expect

We’re continuing our focus this year on three pillars:

We’ll bring back the successful Gift of Communications event, which allows us to share our expertise with local non-profit groups. We’re also working to expand our Fuel the Future mentorship program for college students in the communications, marketing and related fields.

Our chapter is also strengthening ties with other professional organizations to increase content and networking opportunities. Lastly, we’ll continue to promote the Declaration for Diversity and Inclusion, which recognizes communicators’ roles in advancing inclusion and equity.

Thank you all for continuing to engage with the board at events and through surveys. We’re always open to more feedback, and welcome others who might want to be part of a committee or a leadership role. Or even have a short-term one-time role. Reach out to me any time at president-cincinnati@iabc.com.