Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is still important

Kim Clark Communications logo on a gradient background, along with the words, "DEI thinker. Part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resource library."

Posted Sep 09, 2023

As communication professionals we believe that we must proactively speak truth to power and take a “seat at the table.” Our world is shifting, and we must do more than just respond: We must be leaders.

Kim Clark, a DEI thinker and strategist, is only one of the many resources we provide in our Chapter's wide diversity spectrum of DEI resources

In a recent newsletter she noted, "DEI is being framed as a bad term...DEI wasn't understood enough to anchor the work into the core capabilities of the organization...The previous ways of talking about DEI in a performative, check-the-box way are over." 

Our Chapter believes that the communicator’s role will be a catalyst that encourages dialogue and demonstrates human dignity within our profession. We must:

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