IABC Houston President, Austin Staton, Shares Strategies for Maximizing Your Content

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Posted May 21, 2020

Austin Staton, IABC Houston President and the host of IABC Houston’s, The Business Communicators podcast, led a virtual session on making the most of communication efforts, resources, and time. To broaden our reach and stay relevant, we need to think differently about content creation and work across silos.

Creating value requires a 360-degree approach to content development. As business communicators, we must understand target audiences, what messages will resonate, and the pulse of the business.

Using BP’s recent donation of three million gallons of fuel in support of COVID-19 relief efforts as an example, Staton shared that the content integration was across press, social media, and program teams. A simple press release isn’t enough anymore: While shooting video, repurpose the audio for social media, use photos for an infographic, reshare the video on a microsite. “Think inside the box” by modifying content for different technologies to give content a longer shelf life.

This requires time and breaking down silos. Before breaking down silos, understand why the silos exist, to learn what the strategy was before modifying those silos. This can help guide decisions. To cultivate a communications culture across the organization, continually remind other areas that their stories are essential—and provide accolades to those who share.

Being a well-rounded communicator means never becoming complacent, trying new things, and consuming quality content. Staton shared some of his favorite resources:

Video Editing/Filming/Photography


Creative Inspiration