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Some recommended podcasts for your communicator ears.

Grey background with circle pattern, IABC Greater Cincinnati logo, and this copy: Thank You! to our sponsors

As our program year comes to a close, we want to acknowledge our sponsors!

Green background with WestComm logo and this copy, 2022 Benefit Communications Report: New Insights into What Works

Take a marketing-driven, strategic approach to your benefit communications

graphic of people looking at a white board, then copy on a green background: ESG - Communicating the Greater Good

Cincinnati's own Joe Bobbey has co-authored this current article on IABC's Catalyst

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Looking to give our testimonials a little more love...

confetti background with the copy: IABC Greater Cincinnati welcomes new members. We're glad to have you!

We want to take a moment to celebrate our newest Chapter members!

Graphic treatment: A Day of Recognition, Restoration, Celebration: Juneteenth

Juneteenth resources and information for area communicators

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Greater Cincinnati area Pride Month resources for 2022

photo of Regina Carswell Russo, Founder/CEO, RRight Now Communications on an orange background

Regina Carswell Russo, RRight Now Communications honored

IABC Heritage Region Silver Quill Awards regular deadline: June 27, 2022 Heritage Region on Social: Facebook and LinkedIn

Learn more about submitting a Silver Quill Award entry.

Wanted: YOU! Seeking writers for our website

Do you have a case study or insights to share with our members?

Black & white photo: hands holding a heart-shaped figurine against a background of wood. Copy reads: Communications & Caregiving

Looking to talk with comms pros who are also caregivers: parents, kids & more.

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