by Krista Kuhlman, Experiential Marketing Manager, Giveback Sports, LLC

The IABC Greater Cincinnati chapter held its inaugural Challenge Accepted! event on March 14 at Union Hall. The event featured local communicators sharing their unique solutions to communication problems they have faced in the workplace. In the “Ted Talk style” format, each presenter walked the audience through a specific communication challenge they experienced, how it was resolved, and the impact from the solution. Then, the audience was asked to cast their vote on the best solution and winning communicator.

Krista presenting at Challenge Accepted!
Krista presenting at Challenge Accepted!

The Challenge Accepted! event was fun for all ages, but especially targeted towards Millennials through the following brilliant tactics.

First, the presentation format encouraged engagement from the audience. This generation grew up on casting their votes for American Idol, The Voice and others and want to feel their opinions matter. Challenge Accepted! played into this desire by allowing attendees to decide the winner of the four presenters with a majority vote.

Second, Challenge Accepted! incentivized guests to post to social and participate in the Hall of Fame activity by providing Millennial-friendly prizes. A Higher Gravity gift basket and Keystone Bar & Grill gift card are food- and drink-focused items, as well as places Millennials go on the weekends. This generation is highly motivated by incentives, especially ones focused on social gatherings, food and alcohol.

And lastly, the event gave back to the community. Millennials have a strong sense of concern for social good and social impact. The winner of the Challenge Accepted! presentations received a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice. Having this charitable component that allowed the winner to make an impact on a cause near to her heart was truly the cherry on top to making Challenge Accepted! the epitome of a Millennial event.

IABC’s ability to stay a relevant organization providing exceptional opportunities and knowledge to the Cincinnati community was evident at Challenge Accepted! Without a doubt, this great association of communicators will be influencing the tri-state for another 40 years!

Internal Comms Pro brings “Rise and Shine” series to Indianapolis on April 30


Explore cognitive bias and communication–for free

Internal Comms Pro is bringing Chuck Gose, Strategic Advisor, SocialChorus and Founder of ICology, to Indianapolis for a Rise and Shine series, “The Mind Matters: Cognitive Bias and Communication,” on April 30, 2019.

internal-comms-pro-website-logoCognitive biases are the perfect crossroads of communication and neuroscience. They impact not only how we receive communication, but how we deliver it as well.

  • Learn what cognitive biases are and review a selection of common ones that impact how we receive and deliver content
  • Understand the impact they have on how we communicate and interpret information through past examples
  • Leave with what we can do to try and overcome our own cognitive biases to be better practitioners and advisers

There’s no cost to attend. Learn more and sign up to attend.