A New Way to Win

Get involved by helping evaluate other chapters’ awards

IABC chapters and regions the world over are in the midst of award entry season. And those entries need evaluators. Among them:

  1. IABC | South Carolina is seeking judges for the 80 entries into their Palmetto Awards. You may judge as few as one entry or as many as you think you can reasonably handle. Deadline: Friday, September 20, 2019.Interested? Contact IABC/SC 2019 Palmetto Awards Chair, Bailey Crafton at iabcsc@gmail.com
  2. IABC | Atlanta is seeking back up and alternate judges for their Golden Flames awards. Deadline: Friday, September 27, 2019.

Interested? Contact IABC/Atlanta 2019 Golden Flames Chair, Eric Berrios at goldenflame@iabcatl.com.

What it means for you

Using the IABC Seven Point Scale of Excellence, award judges read the work plan and review samples of each entrant, holding them up to IABC’s Global Standard of Excellence. As an evaluator, you are not setting the standards or criteria for the awards. You are scoring entries based on the criteria provided. Reviewing and providing thoughtful feedback to entrants helps communicators improve their processes and work products. And as evaluators, we get a unique glimpse into the communications challenges facing others in our profession. Each award might take up to an hour to evaluate.