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Create the Year You Want—Online Goal-Setting Workshop


Exclusive webinar opportunity for IABC | Greater Cincinnati members

Greater Cincinnati IABC members and those who follow our content are invited to participate in a webinar presented by the San Francisco chapter of IABC this Wednesday, January 23 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

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Got some goals gathering dust? Don’t let them lose steam! Get active and join us for this interactive online workshop to create the year you want, beginning now. Career aspirations, whether big or small, have a better chance of coming true when you invest time, thoughtful consideration, and (most of all) accountability planning into them.

Led by accomplished executive coach, Alicia Jabbar, this workshop webinar will be filled with interactive activities, group discussions, and thoughtful exercises to help you:

  • Confidently identify your most important goals for the year
  • Uncover what is important about those goals
  • Chart a path to hit your goals, beginning immediately
  • Create a system to keep yourself accountable

Walk away from this workshop with a greater understanding of what you truly want out of 2019 and a plan to get there.

Who should attend?

  • Communications professionals looking to own their career path
  • Independent consultants interested in expanding their services
  • Students or young professionals looking to make their start

About the Workshop Leader:

Alicia Jabbar, PCC is an executive coach and facilitator who works with both emerging and seasoned leaders to identify their strengths and individual values. Once identified, she guides clients to leverage that unique footprint to both enhance their leadership profile within an organization and to increase their capacity as a leader. She helps clients understand where they are getting in their own way and partners with them to build skills and ignite behavior change required for their next level of leadership. She is also the co-founder of the Inside Out Incubator that creates experiences to help professional women get clear so they can be confident in whatever is next. Learn more about Alicia here: http://www.aliciajabbar.com/

Can’t join the workshop? Get the recording. All registrants will receive a recording after the webinar.

NOTE: Participants will receive the workshop webinar link the morning of the event. Be sure to sign up by 8:00 am (PT) to ensure you receive the link.


Member $30, Non-member $45, Student: $20

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How to decide the right number of right items for your next fundraiser


 Krista Kuhlman, Experiential Marketing Manager at Giveback Sports, LLC

giveback-sportsOffering the right amount of silent auction items is a critical decision in your fundraising event planning. One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make when hosting a live or silent auction is offering too many auction items during the event resulting in lower bids, low energy, and a lack of “bidding wars” to add to the excitement of the event. On the other hand, too few items could leave guests disappointed and you may not achieve your target revenue.

Fortunately, we have provided a few considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right number of items for your next auction.

The first step is to determine your fundraising goal. A live auction typically generates roughly two-thirds of your fundraising revenue, while the silent auction produces one-third. If you’re pairing a live auction with a silent auction, you will want to present your big ticket items live onstage only, keeping it to about 6-10 items. Offering 1 to 1.5 auction items per expected bidder provides enough scarcity to drive up bidding, and enough variety to appeal to the audience.

The size of the audience and the venue should also be considered. To better understand the number of attendees who will actually participate in the auction, a good rule of thumb is to divide your guest list in half. This helps to factor the tendency for couples to bid together and establish a more realistic number of donors with the spending power to buy higher priced items that help to reach your fundraising goal. According to successful auctioneer Doug Sorrell in his book, Beneath The Gavel: A Charity Auctioneer’s Complete Guide to Fundraising, a good rule of thumb for the silent auction is one silent auction item per 7 guests. If you expect 225 guests, you should have approximately 32 silent auction items.

A good sense of the guest demographic should guide your procurement efforts. Understanding the profile of the bidder will help in offering the items that your donors want to see. Below are a few best practices for selecting the right auction items for an event’s audience.

  1. Learn from history – If applicable, look at what types of items sold at past events while selecting items for your next auction. This tactic can help you understand the interest of your audience and identify themes of areas to focus. Was the highest bidding item a vacation, some place warm or an adventure out West? Were food and wine packages sold more or sports tickets and memorabilia? While using this past data is helpful, it is recommended to keep auction items new and exciting each year to keep returning guests interested.
  2. Close the gap – After collecting donated auction items and small gift baskets, take a look at your offerings and identify gaps. Providing a variety of auction items in both price point and interests will help to engage with donors on all levels. Although material items such as bottles of wine, spa gift sets, and art are all attractive in a silent auction, research shows today’s consumers are wanting to spend money on experiences, not things, to create lasting memories.
  3. Get Social! – Polling is one of the best ways to hear and learn from event attendees and donors. Luckily, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make it easy to use polling on social media. Post potential auction items in a head-to-head poll and determine which items are the most coveted, and therefore most likely to sell.
  4. Tie into the event theme – An event theme lets attendees escape reality, sets the tone, promotes social sharing and makes the night memorable. When auction items can align with the event theme, it generates a buzz and connection with the audience and encourages participation to further the event experience, even after the night ends.
  5. Quality over quantity — Most importantly, the best non-profit auctions offer quality over quantity. Give your audience a chance to bid on items that are out of their norm and provide experiences that are a chance to try something new. Donors are more likely to spend more dollars on an item of high perceived value, like a weekend getaway to wine country, than just on a few bottles of wine to enjoy at home.

Identifying the right items and the right number of items to offer at an auction is a difficult feat but can be immensely influential in your organization’s fundraising goal. Using the tips listed above, you can be sure to be on the right track to success in your next auction!

Be a presenter or sponsor for Challenge Accepted!


We’re now accepting applications for presenters and sponsors for our first-ever community communications challenge event.

thank-you-to-our-first-sponsorsChallenge Accepted! is a NEW event that lets local communicators share their unique solution to a communication problem they’ve faced in the workplace. Each 5–7 minute presentation is an opportunity for a communicator to showcase his or her best work.

The audience – including fellow communicators and leaders at area businesses and nonprofits – will vote on the best solution. The winning communicator gets the thrill of choosing a favorite local nonprofit to receive a financial donation, compliments of IABC Greater Cincinnati and our event sponsors.

Join us to celebrate excellence in communication and our 40th anniversary as we mark this milestone with a gift to the community.

Apply to present or sponsor now.